Skin Botanicals, the Skin Care Renewing Company is handling products that have undergone thorough research and experimentation to produce the “BEST QUALITY PRODUCT”. These products were formulated & researched outside the country specifically in the U.S., and developed in the Philippines for the assurance that it will be appropriate for ASIAN SKIN, with the assistance of the Department of Science and technology (DOST), and approval of Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD).

Skin Botanicals has a variety of skin care products that were handcrafted and made from natural ingredients for you to stay young, healthy & beautiful.
Skin Botanicals’ products are categorized as “AROMATHERAPY” since all of the products’ major components are “Essential Oils”. Aromatherapy means “Treatment using Aroma or Scent” in which the biochemical effects were derived from essential oil of plants, flower, fruits, barks, seeds, & vegetable. These aroma extracts when inhaled allows you to relax or bring about relief of pain and induce mild stimulation. When applied topically, essential molecules enter the pores of the skin and it absorbed into the body’s bloodstream.

These essential oils penetrate into the body in three ways: by inhalation, absorption, and consumption. Some benefits of ESSENTIAL OILS:

Physiological Effect on the body – has something to do with the hormones involve reproductive system.
Psychological Effect – has something to do with the part of the brain that controls emotions and hormones.
Hormonal Action – stimulates the immune system and helps the body fight infection by improving the ability of white bloods cells to dispose of invading bacteria.
Purifying The Blood – by stimulating the process of eliminating the toxins from the system which is of great benefit for chronic diseases such as arthritis and skin problems.

Skin Botanicals uses essential oils selectively based on its distinctive therapeutic and safety to improve human’s health and beauty.

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